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Remote Monitoring & Control for short distances (less than 2 km) is often a requirement for the "last mile" applications. Sensors such as levels, pressure, flow, temperature etc and controls such as valves and electrical motors, pumps, generators are often a distance away from the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). The WWAT-TX/RX module is ideal to bridge this short distance wireless communication between RTU’s and sensors/controls. Typical example:

ESS short distance UHF transceiver-RTU (ESS–UHF-RTU):

ESS-UHF-RTU features :

  •  Operates in Licensed Free Frequency band of 868 MHz (Other frequency bands between 270 – 930 MHz will be on request)

  •  RF Output Power adjustable in 3 db steps between 5 and 20 dBm

  •  2 Digital Inputs, 2 digital outputs, 1 analogue input (4 – 20 mA)

  •  Analogue input 10 bit A/D, accuracy better than ± 2%

  •  Low power consumption and build in standby battery

  •  Compact design: 90 x 68 x 33mm (l x h x w)

  •  Plug in connectors for IO’s

  •  SMA connector for RF antenna (GSM Type)

  •  RF Receiver sensitivity -121dBm

  •  RS232 port for ESS telemetry applications

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